The Rules and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting

if you are interested in further information regarding Friday abstinence from meat - all year long- you can check out the links below. 

Canon Law re: Friday Abstinence

Article on Meatless Fridays

In this episode I discuss prayer as a pillar of Lent. A few prayer resources that I refer to in the episode are:



We've all been effected by COVID-19. How can we continue to grow in our faith and remain spiritually active without the weekly public celebration of the mass? We can do more than you might think, and that is that topic of this episode of Thinking Catholic.

What is this liturgical season of Lent? How long does it really last? What are we supposed to do between now and Easter, and how are we to accomplish it? I look at these questions and more in this first week of Lent edition of Thinking Catholic.

I wrap up the discussion on Eucharistic Adoration: How, when, and where can one participate in this devotion? 

In this episode (and the next one) I discuss the benefits of the devotion known as Eucharistic Adoration.

In this initial episode, originally published during Catholic Schools Week, I talk about the unique characteristics of a Catholic School Education and look at Archbishop Michael Miller's book, The Holy See's Teaching on Catholic Schools


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